What is Freelance? Best Freelance Websites

What is freelance?

The dictionary meaning of freelance is earning money by selling your services or work to different organizations rather than being employed by a single company. In simple words, freelance means sitting from your comfort zone and doing work for different organizations and earning money. And a person who does this kind of thing is known as a ‘freelancer‘. 

In the world of digitalization, freelance has been exponentially popular among people. As now with the virtue of the internet, you could do all you want. Now there are several platforms where you can register yourself as a freelancer and work. But freelance is not that easy as it sounds. It is a very vast field in which you need to make your rigid place. 

Many established freelancers may advise you in their blogs to not trust the online platforms providing you with an ocean of works. They state these websites as not trustworthy. But according to me, this is not a piece of advice you should be listening to if you are a beginner in this field. Any established freelancer can say to work off-line and not trust these sites as they already have permanent clients. But for the beginners with no connection with any organization, it is hard to have permanent or least temporary clients too. So to kick start your career you need the help of these platforms.

The use of freelance sites has two sides, i.e positive and negative. It has some benefits and some drawbacks too. Let’s talk about them separately:

Benefits of freelance sites
  • For beginning your career you will need these sites and this will help you to improve your communication skills. As you have to pursue and pitch to the companies or clients to hire you for their particular job requirements.
  • You can work within your comfort zone and with your choice of time.
  • You can be creative with your ideas as you are your own boss.
  • With an ample of companies in a single platform, you will have a lot of work choices. You can choose the best job which suits you. Also, it is easy if you lose one job, there will be many other companies waiting.
  • With a company’s good reviews, you will be able to build your reputation among all.
  • Freelance jobs will make you understand the importance of great work and to deliver allotted tasks on time.
Drawbacks of freelance sites
  • With the passing time, the competition is only getting tougher. On these sites, there will be other competitors giving you a cut-throat competition. 
  • Freelance jobs are not stable jobs, somedays you may have ample of work but the other day you may be short of work.
  • Being a freelancer brings you the economic challenges to your face.
  • To register yourself on these sites you have to pay expensive fees.
  • There have been reports where the clients have made the freelancer overdo his/her work.
  • Companies or clients sometimes do not pay you relevant money and also sometimes just don’t pay any penny.
  • If you go for a loan in a bank, you will be asked to have a stable salaried job. If you don’t have it you are not eligible to get a loan.

What are the best platforms for freelance?

There are many platforms where you can register yourself for freelance workers. But we have chosen the best ones here and listed below:

1. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a platform where the clients or companies can easily browse for talented and eligible workers and hire them. And the freelancers too can easily find jobs. The hirers can look into freelancers’ profiles to know their hourly rate. But there are a few limitations to what type of work you post.

2. Upwork

In Upwork freelancers can register themselves for free. They also get some free connections to different clients or companies per month to bid on jobs. Upwork has ample categories of different works, so any individual can apply here with their specific skills. It is the only website where you can get licensed and specialized help. But Upwork cuts a high commission rate of  20 percent on any kind of earnings made on the website.

3. HireMyMom

HireMyMom is a part of the Home Based Working Moms Network. It helps the housewives or moms looking for flexible hours to do their job with the ease of being at home. It doesn’t charge any money to get registered on this website. Also, they don’t take any kind of commission for posting their jobs or seekers for jobs.

4. Guru

The Guru is one of the most trusted platforms for freelancers. They deal with talented workers locally and globally too. In this, you post about your professional achievements, select a membership type, and get paid and earn a ranking. The payment is also safely done by its SafePay payment service.

5. Fiverr

In Fiverr a hirer can find different talents like content writers, professional programmers, Voice-over actors, WordPress bloggers, and many more. It has fixed its pricing model at $5 to do any kind of work. 

6. Freelancer

This platform mainly focuses on website development, SEO marketing, mobile development, and other online projects. It allows you to find online projects quickly at a reasonable price. As a freelancer, you can bid your price for your work and companies can select you on the basis of reviews.

7. MediaBistro

As the name suggests, ‘MediaBistro’ is a hub for people looking for work as a freelancer in the field of media. You can find talents like- writer, designer, editor, ad salesperson or other positions in that arena. One can also hire instructors to train them into certain subjects.

8. Sologig

Sologig is a platform that has something for everyone. It connects freelancers with companies or clients seeking independent professionals. One major plus point is that Sologig neither charges any kind of registration fees nor any project fees. Also, there is no bidding and the employer gets to directly negotiate a price with the client.

9. Toptal

Toptal mainly works for software engineers and digital designers. It has connections with some elite companies like- IDEO, JP Morgan, and Airbnb. In this scenario, it is considered that there will be a continuous supply of work. It lets you decide whether you want to work part-time or full time. It also lets you decide your work’s own rate, so you don’t have to get into any bidding war.

10. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is the biggest platform where large varieties of work are offered. It deals in more than 24 countries across the globe. One of the special features is that it offers work in not only English but 12 different languages. Anyone seeking extra work can head towards SimplyHire.

How freelancers Work? Important things to remember

While making your decision to be a freelancer and to look into several websites, you have to be considerate of certain things, namely:

  • You should know what are your special skills and then appropriately apply your resume on certain websites. Some websites focus on content writers, whereas some focus on software engineers. So you need to apply on the right platform. This will lead to ample choices and quick selection.
  • One of the basic mistakes which almost all beginners make is to sign up on multiple sites. The common thinking is that more websites are equal to more opportunities for work. But this is wrong, you should only select one or two sites and focus on them instead of applying in all.
  • Almost all the websites ask for registration fees and project fees. Some websites also cut a high commission like 20 percent from your pay. You should pay attention to the pricing model of the website before signing up.
  • There has been a cut-throat competition between individuals seeking jobs on freelancer websites. Everyone gets into the bidding fight and tries to win it by lowering their work price below what they deserve. Established platforms mostly have these kinds of scenarios. You should give due importance to which kind of platform you are heading into. You should probably go for new websites with less competition. It will increase your selection possibilities at a higher rate.
  • A passionate freelancer should be considerate of his/her profile. They should submit their allotted task on time so that the companies or clients give them a positive review. This will help in building a strong resume which will attract more clients in the future for freelancers.

With passing time, the ratio of freelancers over the globe is increasing at a fast rate. In the U.S. alone the number has been up to 42 million. But one thing that has to be kept in mind is that it shouldn’t be taken as a permanent job. There is a high rate of uncertainty in this field. You can be short of work at any time and there is no continuous source of money. Beginning your career with the help of these above-mentioned platforms should be done but slowly and steadily after making some strong connections with certain companies, you should leave these sites. With leaving these sites you no more have to pay any kind of fees like registration fees or project fees or indulge in bidding your work. You can be your own boss and be creative with your work.

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